Sinuous lines create unexpected shapes

GTAlu is part of the line of seating solutions designed for a variety of waiting areas, from airports to hospitals, stations, the reception areas of private or public buildings or relaxation areas. Despite its simple aesthetics, GTAlu stands out thanks to its sinuous lines that create perfectly rounded, oval and curved shapes to refine areas that are often impersonal, lending them a distinctive stylish note.

A simple original interpretation of waiting areas

Entirely in aluminium, Alu is made up of a supporting beam that is a continuation of the seat body and as a result forms the structure onto which the special elements are inserted, creating its characteristic, original sinuous rounded shapes. An originality that stems from the simplicity and purity of form, highly unusual in a bench made of such an important material.

Countless potential configurations

GTAlu is available in varying dimensions and in different configurations thanks to the special connecting elements that generate its curved structure. It can be placed around the walls of a space to create a “moving” seat that embraces the perimeter, or in a central position to make a waiting and relaxation area that is totally independent from the rest of the space.

Are you ready to change your perspective?

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