Flexible, fluid and unstructured

The office in its most traditional sense, namely a place featuring standardised, fixed and pre-assigned workstations, is undergoing a profound transformation: ICF responds to this change with different lines of products that share high technical and quality standards, reliability, and a guarantee of many years of experience, yet designed precisely to fit into a new, more flexible and more varied context, where focus is on definition of an office space that is as efficient as possible, with a touch of personality


Introducing GTAlu

Entirely in aluminium, Alu is made up of a supporting beam that is a continuation of the seat body and as a result forms the structure onto which the special elements are inserted, creating its characteristic, original sinuous rounded shapes

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Introducing DuoChair

An innovative chair, aesthetically a winner and yet extremely simple, very comfortable and responsible in its use of materials: the new DuoChair is ICF’s most efficient and effective combination of materials and design ever achieved in a task chair.

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Introducing PFlex

PFlex is a new table system for modern work, meeting and communication areas

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Introducing QADRO System

Conceived to adapt to the needs of the office and modern contract spaces, Qadro System is a multifunctional wall-mounted system featuring rigorous linear design, created specifically to be easy to assemble, reconfigure and recycle: the perfect solution for flexible shelving to organise and store a multitude of objects.

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Introducing QADRO Wall

Created to adapt to the needs of modern office and contract spaces, Qadro Wall is an on-trend evolution of the bookcase system and wallcoverings, and it integrates elements and finishes for specific use to support communication requirements.

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