What we believe in

In the world of furniture for over seventy years, at ICF we foster a keen enthusiasm for research and experimentation. Our unwavering commitment has guided us in our continuous pursuit of innovative solutions that provide any kind of work and contract environment with the ultimate in functionality, comfort and durability. Perfecting our products from the very beginning, we have created a solid tradition of excellence. This daily challenge has taken us beyond national borders, putting us to the test on foreign markets and turning us into an international benchmark.

About us

How we do it

Every day, with enthusiasm and dedication, we strive to turn ideas into quality products. We follow every step of the process carefully, reflecting our philosophy of combining craftsmanship with industrial expertise. The wide range of different materials that we use, which includes aluminium, wood, laminates, leather, and fabrics, testifies to our versatility. As perfectionists, we focus on every detail without ever losing sight of the process as a whole. The creation of a product goes beyond its form and function; it involves careful planning that goes from the production process, via assembly and packaging, right through to after-sales. We aim to ensure a flawless experience, from product conception to customer satisfaction.
About us

Designed in Milan, made in Italy

Substance, versatility and an unbridled passion for aesthetics. These concepts represent the essence of a product that draws inspiration from the vibrant creative scene in Milan, a city renowned worldwide for its contribution to design and innovation. These principles embody our identity, they are values we share with the people and companies with whom we collaborate. The synergy between Milanese inspiration and Italian craftsmanship brings alive products that are much more than mere objects: they are a way of being.